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South Pacific Hydroponics

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Storage Jar with digital Humidity display

Various sizes available

400ml $60.00

600 watt Hortitek HPS kit



Phresh Hyperfan Climate Control

This unit is designed to thermostatically adjust air flow on both hot days and cold nights

To be used on Hyperfans only


Magical Butter Machine

This is the world’s first countertop Botanical Extractor and is designed to easily infuse herbs and flavours into your food.


Hi-Par 315w CMH light kit

The latest in lighting technology, 315 watt Ceramic Metal Halide fantastic growth and flowering performance.

Quality Philips 315w Ceramic bulb included.


Lucalox PSL 600 watt HPS bulbs

Buy 4 or more $75.00 each

Pro Grow 620 watt Metal Halide globes

High quality globe that can be used with digital and magnetic ballasts. Globes available for all stages of the plants life


Jupiter II Light mover

This light mover will extend the size of your grow area without using extra electricity.

Multiple light configurations are available

From $295.00


How far away from the plants should I hang the light?
Start with the light 45cm (18″) away from the top of the plants. When the plan grows to be 30cm (12″) away from the light raise it again to 45cm (18″) away from the top of the plant.
What temperature should the grow room be?
The air temperature should be between 24°C and 28°C. Your plant will grow at much higher temperatures but will not flower well and will be very tall and thin. Your water should be 20 to 24°C. Warmer or colder water will cause deficiencies, spots and twisted growth of your leaves.
Do I need a fan?
Yes all plants grown indoors need large amounts of fresh air. Just putting a desk or pedestal fan in the room blowing on the plant is not enough. An exhaust fan and/or an inlet fan is compulsory for food growth and yields, while a desk or pedestal fan is good to strengthen the branch structure and reduce te chance of mould. You will need 2 “Large” holes in your room, 1 hole to let fresh air in (preferably down low in the room), and 1 hole (preferably at the highest point in the room) to exhaust the hot air from the grow light out of the room. A fan should be attached to either the exhaust or inlet hole or both, guaranteeing the air is changed regularly. Plants need CO² (Carbon Dioxide) to grow which they take from the fresh air. When you shut them in a room or cupboard they will quickly use all the CO² and then grow very slowly.
How often do I need to change the nutrient?
Nutrient should always be mixed in a bucket and poured into the system. You should never mix your nutrient in the system. After filling the system with pre mixed nutrient you should monitor the level and top up the system with fresh water (no nutrient) as required over the next 2 weeks. After 2 weeks of adding water you should dump the old nutrients, drain the system or bucket out as much of the exhausted nutrient as you can and then pre mix and add a fresh batch of nutrient.
When should I flower my plant and how long will it take?
When you flower your plants depends on how much room you have and is based on what height you want the plants to finish at. When you start flowering (reduce the hours of light from 18 hours/day to 12 hours/day) the plant will increase in size by 2/3rds before flowering is finished, so start flowering then the plant is 1/3rd the height you want it to finish at. Flowering will take on average 8 weeks, some plants are faster and are ready at 6 weeks while other slow plants may take up to 10 weeks but the majority will finish in 8 weeks.

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